One of the common misconceptions about Voice-over-IP(VoIP) telephony as an ever changing technology, is that it’s unlike a normal BUSINESS Phone System. In fact, Business VoIP from Cooperative Communications, Inc works like a normal phone system with more features, options and flexibility.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets you have voice communications over the Internet or IP(Internet Protocol). With VoIP, phone calls go over a broadband connection instead of back and forth through a traditional phone company.

The telecommunications industry has been around for decades, but business VoIP has only gained mass-market appeal over the last 10 years or so.  Until recently, slower and unreliable broadband connections had kept B2B VoIP as a niche market.  The constant advancement of the data speeds and improvements in technology have improved the quality and reliability of Business VoIP dramatically.  Potential cost savings, as well as superior flexibility, have resulted in the VoIP replacement the Business PBX solutions for many consumers.  It is estimated that VoIP will account for 75% of global business voice communication by 2019.

Employee extensions can always be reached multiple ways through a Cooperative Communications, Inc Unified Communications Platform by calling the main business office number, connecting to the system and then transferring to the desired extension. As an alternative, for an additional monthly charge Business VoIP users can get a direct number that routes to an employee’s extension. This number, associated with the B2B VoIP systems provided by Cooperative Communications, Inc is known as a DID (Direct Inward Dial).

Yes, the system includes at least one built in conference bridge for our Business VoIP users. Each conference bridge supports multiple (the sizing depends on the build parameters of the system) callers. For larger business VoIP conference clients, Cooperative Communications, Inc can provide an alternative business service solutions.

It is not always recommended using VoIP service for handling analog credit card transaction devices or traditional fax machines. We recommend that our customers keep an analog line for this service. Another alternative would be to use the Cooperative Communications, Inc Fax to Email service.

Yes, Cooperative Communications, Inc has a number of B2B BROADBAND options from Business DSL, Business Cable, dedicated Business Fiber and other solid solutions.

Most calls on the system will use an existing BROADBAND FOR BUSINESS connection.

Scenarios where both handsets are located in the same office, and are attached to the same local area network (LAN), the call will most likely stay on the LAN, and therefore will not use your Business Broadband connection.

The Cooperative Communications, Inc system is complete with dozens of the most popular Business VoIP features. More and more great system and handset features are being added on a monthly and annual basis.  Refer to the features section of the Cooperative Communications, Inc website for all available options for installed systems. Below is a list of some popular VoIP for Business features on the system.

  • Online Account Management with remote access
  • Call History by User Extension
  • Find-me-Follow-Me for Business VoIP users
  • Business Conference Calling solutions
  • Voicemail-to-Email forwarding
  • IVR Configurable Menus and Personalized Messages
  • Interactive Voicemail Configuration
  • Business Call Recording
  • Simultaneous Ring Groups
  • Business Soft-Phone Compatible
  • DID (Direct Inward Dial)
  • ATA adapters for analog device conversion

Some additional and popular options available with the Cooperative Communications, Inc Unified Communications Platform include:

All Cooperative Communications, Inc systems are setup for BUSINESS use and support multiple connectivity through remote locations. A Cooperative Communications, Inc customer can put a Business IP phone anywhere that has a reliable broadband connection, Many clients even use phones in different countries for interoffice connectivity.

All Cooperative Communications, Inc systems come with the ability to create and record (yourself)multiple automated attendants, also called an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. A business VoIP IVR can say anything you  desire, for example, “press one for sales, two for support, or three for accounts”

If you prefer a more polished IVR for your BUSINESS PHONE SYSTEM, Cooperative Communications, Inc can have your greetings professionally recorded and setup . There are a few outside companies that professionally record these BUSINESS auto attendant recordings that can be recommended.

Each client of Cooperative Communications, Inc can manage their own Unified Communications Platform  via a web browser.  From the browser BUSINESS PBX customers that uses Cooperative Communications, Inc services will have different levels of access from the admin level (see the entire system) to the extension level. Any feature from call forwarding, call recording, find me-follow me, voicemail settings and more can be managed online.

Designated users of the Cooperative Communications, Inc BUSINESS PHONE SYSTEM can archive important calls. This can be done on all extensions, certain extensions or on demand using one of the great Cooperative Communications, Inc phones like the VX-26 or VX-28.

The best way to send and receive fax documents is by using a Cooperative Communications, Inc BUSINESS fax-to-email account. Inbound fax transmissions will be sent to a desired email account.  It is possible to purchase a business VoIP analog terminal adaptor or (ATA) to use with a physical fax machine. In most instances we don’t recommend this configuration, as VoIP isn’t designed to work with many fax traditional and analog machines.  For clients that rely on heavy BUSINESS faxing, we recommend a traditional analog BUSINESS fax line for outbound faxes.

Each Cooperative Communications, Inc system install comes with prewritten user guides for employees to keep as a point of reference. Most installs include onsite user and administrator training. Unique training situations can be accomplished with video tutorials and audio help recordings that can be passed on to system users.  Cooperative Communications, Inc operates 24/7 support  and we always provide telephone support for any other questions our business VoIP customers may have.

Business telephone numbers are portable to your new, Cooperative Communications, Inc telephone system. This migration is handled as part of the provisioning process to our business class VoIP network. In extremely rare cases, you may not be able to migrate your telephone number. If the business telephone number cannot be moved , or if you don’t you can still forward calls from your old service provider to the Cooperative Communications, Inc business VoIP system. When forwarding calls from your old number, be sure your old system can forward enough calls or paths or callers will potentially get busy signals.