Cooperative Communications, Inc provides network solutions for businesses of any size. These platform solutions can be scaled to fit any budget and offer business owners the tools they need to manage all of their data and transmission needs. Cooperative Communications, Inc delivers the most cost-effective solutions in the industry for:


Some of the services we offer

Cooperative Communications, Inc delivers state-of-the-art high speed data access to its clients through its dedicated DSL service. This DSL service is connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and allows businesses to share and receive email, video conference calls, large files, MP3s, Internet Access, and many other functions that make a business run.

The DSL service that Cooperative Communications, Inc offers can handle both Internet access and voice communication simultaneously. When using DSL through Cooperative Communications, Inc, businesses boost productivity and efficiency.

With Cooperative Communications, Inc, businesses can choose between different levels of
DSL service.

‘Asymmetrical DSL’ offers faster download speeds than upload speeds. With download speeds
up to 7.1 Mbps and upload speeds up to 768 Kbs, this option is ideal for a business that requires downloading vast amounts of information from the Internet, but does not require uploading
large sized files.

Today’s applications, such as video and large files (including video conferencing), require fast download times.

Clients choosing the ADSL rely on a dedicated connection and can install the software themselves so they can be up and running immediately.

‘Symmetrical DSL’ and delivers equal upload and download speeds. With download speeds of 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds of 1.5 Mbps, this is ideal for small businesses that rely on receiving and sending information over the Internet. SDSL also comes in a range of speeds, depending on the individual requirements of the business.

Service is available 99.9% of the time, or better, so it’s virtually a dedicated service and offers businesses a fixed public IP address. With professional installation at the business’s premises, it can be up and running very quickly.

Dedicated DSL
Dedicated DSL is the most powerful DSL service and is delivered separate from the telephone
service to the business. It offers dedicated Internet access only. Dedicated DSL is ideal for
businesses that rely on high speed Internet service, or those that don’t have traditional phone
service, or for businesses that wish to keep their phone and Internet services separate.

Businesses get a fixed public IP address and a business telephone line is not required for
dedicated DSL.

With cable/fiber service from Cooperative Communications, Inc, a business will be able to access the Internet at extremely high transfer speeds. The cable service that Cooperative Communications, Inc provides is ideal for businesses that operate in regions where other services are not available.

Cable Internet access is generally considered ‘Asymmetrical,’ which means that download speeds are faster than upload speeds. This is ideal for businesses that rely on video conferencing, sharing MP3s, and more.

Leverage Cable/Fiber Optic Service for VoIP

Cable has the distinct advantage over regular two-wire telephone service with regard to speed and service. The more data that your business requires to be transmitted or received, the more leverage you gain using VoIP over cable.

Cable allows businesses to increase trunking ratios, which effectively increases their telecommunications operations and options. Regular two-wire telephone services offer 1:1 trunking, which is inefficient and often costly for businesses seeking to maximize productivity, while minimizing expense through their communication lines.

Take Advantage of Ethernet Private Line (EPL) Service

EPL is a faster, more reliable and higher bandwidth alternative to traditional private lines. Cooperative Communications, Inc offers a top rated EPL service that businesses can modify and use to best suit their needs, such as an EVC (Ethernet Virtual Connection) that connects two locations. Different speed options are also available to accommodate transfer requirements.

Cooperative Communications, Inc offers state-of-the-art installation and a vast range of customer support so that your business will have the best Internet access with high speeds, options for various connection speeds, email, website, and domain hosting.

The ability to integrate high speed Internet access and voice services is possible through Integrated Services. Choose the bandwidth that is ideal for your current business needs and it can be adjusted according to business growth in the future.

The flexibility and options that are made possible through Integrated Services was only available to large industries in the past. Cooperative Communications, Inc can dynamically allocate bandwidth between voice and data applications as needed.

Integrated service benefits include:

  • Ability to provide dedicated bandwidth while allowing simultaneous voice access.
  • Call management features.
  • 24/7 monitoring and customer support.
  • Integrate voicemail and other advanced features.

Cooperative Communications, Inc provides three levels of dedicated data circuits: T1, T3, and OcN. These dedicated data circuits allow fast download times and file transfer abilities while providing the opportunity for multiple employees to access the same facility through LAN applications.

Routers are required for accessing these services, along with the right hardware and software applications.

T1 Service provides 1.544 Mbps speeds and is ideal for small businesses that operate out of one location. With the T1 service through Cooperative Communications, Inc, your business can have access to eight static IP addresses, transfer large amounts of data, including video and streaming video files. This is ideal for telecommuting and video conferencing.

Leveraging T1 service for your VoIP solutions means that you can have the advantage of high speed service with a dedicated line solely for your company (as opposed to sharing cable service with other telecom clients). With T1, a mid-size company can reduce their overall telecom spend and obtain a higher QoS (Quality of Service).

T3 Service from Cooperative Communications, Inc provides connection speeds of 45 Mbps and comes with all the benefits and features of T1 service, as well as the ability to run applications from off-site. Businesses also gain the ability to have off-site server access for storage, including backup files. This service is ideal for larger businesses and corporations that rely on large networks.

OcN Service provides connectivity at 155 Mbps to 10 GB speeds. This service also provides all of the benefits of T3 service and is best suited for large corporations that rely on intensive networks and large pools of data transfers.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) service from Cooperative Communications, Inc is ideally suited for businesses that need higher Internet and data transfer speeds coupled with extra security. You’ll gain the advantage of eliminated packet loss, gaining enhanced support for video streaming and conferencing applications,  as well as corporate email support.

With MPLS, businesses have access to both public and private IP service, which provides optimal service and networking technologies.

MPLS Service is ideal for companies that are spread out with many branch offices sharing data intensive files and applications across open networks. It’s also ideal for businesses that are currently relying on ATM or VPN solutions that require faster connectivity, reliability, and a lower cost structure for Internet access.

If your company operates out of different locations within a metropolitan location and wants to connect through a Local Area Network (LAN), this can be optimized through Cooperative Communications, Inc’s Ethernet service. When a Wide Area Network (WAN) is required, Cooperative Communications, Inc provides the optimal Ethernet service over native LAN and Ethernet interfaces with speeds of 10 Mpbs, 100 Mpbs, up to 10 GB (per second).

Private lines have limitations for how fast data can transfer, but with Ethernet service from Cooperative Communications, Inc, your company can rely on the same speeds that are accessed across internal LAN service.

Cooperative Communications, Inc also provides the highest level of security using Layer 2 attribute. This keeps information secure at all times across the network.

Ethernet Service from Cooperative Communications, Inc is ideal for small to mid-size companies that have multiple locations across a metropolitan region and offers the opportunity for growth without the general expenditure increases common with other increased Internet access speeds.

With the Cooperative Communications, Inc fax to email service, businesses can convert important fax documents to electronic format for safe and secure transfer.  This feature allows mobile employees to stay connected while on the road and makes long term storage of those documents even easier.  Fax to email also provides you the option to send faxes directly from your computer where the document may already reside.

Fax to Email also helps reduce costs, as it can take the place of traditional fax machines that use expensive POTS lines.