Cooperative Communications, Inc has integrated the networks of leading underlying suppliers with its own networks to provide our thousands of customers with reliable and redundant, yet seamless voice services. Through years of continued development and perfection, Cooperative Communications, Inc has developed a broad range of services that allow clients to adapt their telecommunications needs as they grow and expand.

Along with state-of-the-art products, the Cooperative Communications, Inc professional customer care team offers unsurpassed support that assist in a smooth transition from the existing service to the unrivaled service of Cooperative Communications, Inc.


Some of the services we offer

Cooperative Communications, Inc utilizes multiple suppliers as well as its own networks to provide a local and long distance services portfolio, including exceptional connectivity as well as an array of calling features.

All offerings use the latest and unsurpassed telecom technology to offer a wide range of local and long distance service solutions. These offerings include:

Business Lines

The Cooperative Communications, Inc business line service provides flexible options, including analog access lines for your business. Whether you are looking to consolidate a few or hundreds of lines across multiple locations, there is a solution for you.

This wholesale solution will offer anything from basic lines to features rich packages, all provided through the Cooperative Communications, Inc Business Line wholesale platform. All lines offered through this plan offer competitive access rates to local and nationwide long distance services.

Expand your reach to customers outside of your local and international calling area using toll-free services. Wherever customers are within the U.S. and Canada, they can contact your company directly at no cost to them using our toll-free service. A toll-free number increases exposure and credibility for your business to a larger market.

Route toll-free calls to any location (termination location) and gain control of call forwarding when using optional routing features. Choose from per minute rates and have the option of assigning toll-free numbers to specific departments or employees.

Choose from a range of calling plans and maximize the efficiency of your telecommunications budget.

You also have the option of selecting from ‘vanity’ toll-free numbers when available, making it easier for your clients to remember the number.

The ability to integrate high speed Internet access and voice services is possible through Integrated Services. Choose the bandwidth that is ideal for your current business needs and it can be adjusted according to business growth in the future.

The flexibility and options that are made possible through Integrated Services was only available to large industries in the past. Cooperative Communications, Inc can dynamically allocate bandwidth between voice and data applications as needed.

Integrated service benefits include:

  • Ability to carve out high speed bandwidth while allowing simultaneous voice access.
  • Call management features.
  • 24/7 monitoring and customer support.
  • Integrate voicemail and other advanced features.

Cooperative Communications, Inc SIP trunking allows businesses to integrate their existing phone lines and still take advantage of the latest voice-over-IP technology and the benefits that come with it.

Rely on the superior Cooperative Communications, Inc SIP trunking products and gain the option of adding a secondary connection for automatic fail-over support. If your business already uses a SIP connection or PBX, you can connect directly using the SIP trunking service.

SIP trunking offers the key benefit of ensuring that your business remains online without any interruption in service due to long-term outages that can occur with regular phone service.

ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface) provides a digital transport facility that consists of 23 Bearer (B) channels and one Data (D) channel. This offers the ability to access 23 simultaneous calls and each of the 23 B channels can carry voice, data, image, or video.

Additional features include:

  • Caller ID.
  • DNIS call routing.
  • Call center and advanced PBX functionality.