Vertical Solutions

Vertical Solutions

Cooperative Communications, Inc helps businesses within specific industries take advantage of the latest technologies and applications by providing the innovations and connectivity options that are best suited for a company.

Vertical Solutions from Cooperative Communications, Inc offer small, and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities that exist to streamline productivity, maximizing customer support, and help grow the business without requiring a dedicated, full-time staff member to oversee the operations and remain on top of current solutions.


Some of the services we offer

Hotels, restaurants, resorts, conference centers, and other establishments that offer hospitality services to their clients have a unique set of challenges. Cooperative Communications, Inc provides a number of solutions to help streamline business processes and improve on efficiencies.

With market conditions strengthening, many organizations are in a growth mode and adding additional locations to their portfolio. Unifying voice communication with Cooperative Communications, Inc streamlines communications and reduces cost. Cooperative Communications, Inc hospitality clients realize immediate savings associated with administrative costs of managing the system and routing calls in a more efficient manner. Soft cost reduction will also be realized by consolidating many monthly invoices and contact points, as Cooperative Communications, Inc will be your single telecommunications provider.

The Cooperative Communications, Inc system was designed for organizations with growth in mind. While many system providers gain future revenues with associated license fees for future growth. Clients that use Cooperative Communications, Inc have the benefit of no license upgrading as a long term solutions.

Customer service is the foundation for success in the service industry. To ensure that new employees are properly trained and providing superior service, we offer “whisper” and “barge” functionality. When a supervisor whispers in on a call they can direct the employee what to say without the other party hearing. With our barge functionality you can enter the call to support the representative on the call. Additionally, you can record all calls or have an employee record a call on demand if they are unsure of how to handle a particular situation.

Incorporating the Cooperative Communications, Inc Voice Continuity Plan (VCP), you can ensure that no matter what events transpire around your hotel, resort, or other establishment, you’ll be able to communicate with customers, emergency personnel services, and those that matter most to your business.

Using the most cost effective voice and data services, your hospitality company can take advantage of the best services, saving time and money and maximizing your ability to serve your clients’ needs. Let Cooperative Communications, Inc manage your communications and connectivity requirements and focus on providing the best service possible to your loyal and dedicated clients.

In today’s real estate market, every call, every email, every listing matters. With our unified communications platform we can put a cost effective strategy in place to ensure that all aspects of your communications are done in a timely and effective manner.

Cooperative Communications, Inc has a unique offering that is tailored to the real estate sector. Leveraging our own technology we provide a service that immediately alerts agents if someone is interested in their listing. Our talking signs allow prospective buyers to learn more about a listing by calling an 800 number. That inquiry automatically notifies the listing agent via text message with information about the the prospective buyer. It’s at that point that the agent can make direct contact with the person inquiring.

We understand that timing is everything and that a day off for a real estate agent is not really a “day off.” Our unified communications platforms provides the foundation for streamlining communication, ensuring that an agent can be both efficient and responsive whether working or on a “day off.”

Being the first to market with information is a significant part of the battle in this sector. Management can leverage our voicemail blast capabilities to update all agents of a new listing or change in a current listing that may be considered timely. Whether it’s via a text message or voicemail to email, your agents will be notified immediately of the change in market.

Understanding that the industry has a fair amount of turn over, it is critical that calls that are intended for those agents are answered promptly. From an administrative perspective, it is equally as important to make sure that calls are re-routed and extensions and phones are correctly assigned. With the Cooperative Communications, Inc user-friendly web interface this is accomplished without the cost of a an interconnect coming on site.

VCP (Voice Continuity Plan) is an offering that will ensure that you remain accessible to your prospects and clients, no matter what situations arise around you. Too often the uncontrollable situations like circuit failures, power outages, failed PBX’s or natural disasters impact the ability to be responsive and /or even accessible – with VCP that concern is eliminated.

For healthcare professionals and organizations, a strong and reliable voice and data communications network is essential. With a consultative approach we will evaluate your current situation, your future needs and suggest a staged approach to unifying your communications network.

Cooperative Communications, Inc has the foundation of a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) that delivers service through our own switching facility, but also has the option to deliver service through our Strategic Partners. These partners allow Cooperative Communications, Inc the flexibility to select and evaluate all delivery options and provide premium solutions to each and every customer. By having these options it increases our ability to provide redundancy and immediate failover to significantly reduce downtime in a voice and data reliant industry.

Access to information is a key to success within the healthcare industry. By leveraging the Cooperative Communications, Inc unified communications platform various sources of information are immediately funneled to the intended parties. Cooperative Communications, Inc makes it easy to be available and responsive, even if your telecommunications network is compromised. With VCP (Voice Continuity Plan) Cooperative Communications, Inc ensures that everyone is available, via regardless what circumstances have impacted the organization. Traditionally a power outage, circuit failure or failed PBX would prevent access to the entire networks of employees. With VCP, a predefined contingency plan, everyone is accessible at all times.

The healthcare industry is 24/7 and non-stop, regardless what time the clock reads. In the past organizations have used answering services to take a message and pass that along to a doctor on call. Cooperative Communications, Inc has helped eliminate that expense with our flexible platform. Cooperative Communications, Inc can route calls to doctors that are on call, even if that changes on a daily basis. The doctor has the option to answer the call directly or let it hit an emergency voicemail that reassures patients that their call will be responded to immediately. The system will continually call back the doctor on call until that voicemail is retrieved.

In an attempt to mange your telecommunications cost, not only will Cooperative Communications, Inc deliver competitively priced products, we will help reduce cost by building efficiencies. Addressing customers with multiple offices and multiple products customized billing and a single point of contact is essential to keep cost down. In addition Cooperative Communications, Inc helps reduce cost associated with move/add/changes. Many organizations face significant cost from their interconnects, with Cooperative Communications, Inc those changes plug and play at no cost.

With each passing year, retail companies are relying more and more on Internet, voice, and data solutions to remain competitive. Cooperative Communications, Inc has been working with some of the leading retail companies in the nation, providing the most cost effective and powerful voice and data solutions available.

Whether a company operates with several different chains or locations, or has only one outlet, relying on the ideal voice and data services should be suited to your needs. Cooperative Communications, Inc will help your company determine its needs and develop a strategy that will provide room to grow while saving valuable resources at the moment.

Customer service is the cornerstone for much of the success that is realized in the retail sector. To ensure that the level of service that is delivered by owners is replicated by part time employees, Cooperative Communications, Inc offers standard call recording and on demand functionality to ensure a consistent message and level of service. Management also has the ability to “whisper” in on calls and suggest responses to new employees that are in training. If an employee is unsure how to handle a particular situation, the Cooperative Communications, Inc platform offers management the ability to “barge” in on a call and provide the appropriate response to its customers.

Cooperative Communications, Inc is the first To Market with a Voice Continuity Plan (VCP) that will ensure that you remain open for business with voice communications, while your competition communications may be compromised. There are dozens of reasons why your phone service could go out, it only takes one to impact the bottom line or customer service. Keep ahead of your competition with VCP.

Cooperative Communications, Inc understands the unique set of challenges that face the retail industry and we rely on years of experience in telecommunications within the retail industry to enhance your telecom experience.

With Cooperative Communications, Inc, you receive a single point of contact for voice and data services.

As government agencies are being taxed with cutting costs and maximizing productivity, the telecommunications options are one of the most powerful ways to save money and improve efficiency. Cooperative Communications, Inc can help these government agencies merge their voice, data and unified communication into one manageable service.

With multiple locations for many state and local agencies, it is important they have the ability to leverage a unified platform with an unlimited room for growth without incurring licensing fees as they grow. Understanding the importance of working with growing organizations, Cooperative Communications, Inc has made a simple and cost effective solution. Cooperative Communications, Inc has become the single point of contact for many government agencies.

So often organizations have to weigh the pros and cons of multiple solutions. Cooperative Communications, Inc, with a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) foundation leverages its own network for much of its service delivery solutions. The company has the unique ability to provide alternative and redundant options for their strategic partners and base of customers.

With many members of an agency constantly on the go it’s important that all information is funneled to a single point. With the Cooperative Communications, Inc unified communications platform, they deliver a timely and cost effective stream of information allowing employees to be responsive wherever their meetings bring them.

More than ever, local and state agencies are looked upon for a source of information during periods of crisis or natural disaster. Cooperative Communications, Inc developed VCP (Voice Continuity Plan) to ensure that agencies and local municipalities voice communications continue regardless of the situation. Too often circuit failures, power outages and natural disasters affect an agencies ability to continue voice communications. With VCP, Cooperative Communications, Inc can bring comfort to the community by ensuring voice communications continue regardless of the impact at a local facility.

The legal industry is one of the most ‘voice’ dependent of all industries, demanding that you remain in constant contact with clients, lawyers, and other members of the legal community.

In such a competitive industry, it is important to manage marketing budgets to measure the success of particular campaigns. Whether those efforts are online, on radio or in print, Cooperative Communications, Inc can help measure the traffic associated with those campaigns helping organizations channel their marketing efforts.

The Cooperative Communications, Inc system allows staff members to record all calls or on a need be basis. It’s often that an attorney needs to refer back to their notes and/or conversation. With Cooperative Communications, Inc, recording capability access to those calls are at their fingertips.

Many organizations are doing their best to deliver flexibility in scheduling to their team members. Providing a flexible work schedule does not work if the employee base is not easily accessible. With the Cooperative Communications, Inc platform, employees can work from home and the office can communicate with them as if they were in their own office – transfer calls, paging, and conference calls. Even through an employee works from home, their outbound caller ID will appear as if they were in the office.

In the legal sector time is money. Even a brief period of interrupted telecommunications service has a significant impact on the organization,s bottom line. With VCP (Voice Continuity Plan), a firm can ensure that their communications are uninterrupted regardless of a power outage, circuit failure, PBX failure or natural disaster. With VC,P a client will call the number they have always called to reach their attorney. Traditionally during a power outage or circuit failure they would get a fast busy signal. With VCP, that call is re-routed to a predefined location, allowing the attorney to take the call.

Cooperative Communications, Inc provides a complete set of integrated telecommunications solutions that are designed to help you streamline operations, while simultaneously reducing expenses.

The education sector is continuing to evolve in so many different ways. Technology is constantly changing how schools educate and communicate, both internally and externally. Requirements vary from district to district and state to state. For so many reasons it is important that schools partner with a telecommunications provider that can consult and deliver on all aspects, ranging from voice, to data, redundancy and a unified communications platform.

Traditional phone systems are extremely costly as is the cost of managing those systems. Purchasing a phone system for each school within a district can prohibit a district from making more important purchases focused on educating our children. With the option to standardize on a hosted model, a school district or college can leverage a single platform that will provide greater functionality and have a lower annual cost.

There is an increasing demand for school districts and institutions to provide proper bandwidth to support laptops and mobile devices. Often budgets impact the school’s ability to meet those demands. Cooperative Communications, Inc provides it clients with a suite of options to handle their data needs including burstable data connections.

Children are not only the foundation of tomorrow but each and every student is the most valuable family asset. Too often we hear about a school in lock down or an incident that sends a flurry of calls to the school checking on the well being of the children. An institution needs to be responsive regardless of the situation, there is not tolerance for lack of communications. With VCP, schools voice communications will remain functioning and calls will be routed to the intended parties regardless of the situation at hand.

As the financial industry moves deeper into the 21st century, it’s more important than ever to remain in contact with clients and brokers, and have immediate access to the latest information, trends, and news. Cooperative Communications, Inc provides the best in voice and data connectivity for our valued clients within the financial services industry,y because we understand that a fortune can be earned or lost within a matter of minutes.

Cooperative Communications, Inc realizes the importance of reliability and uptime to the financial sector. Not only does Cooperative Communications, Inc provide access their reliable network, but we also provide alternative options via our strategic partnerships. This allows clients to leverage buying power and reliability.

Sound advice and customer service is the foundation for success in the financial industry. To ensure that new employees are properly trained and providing superior service, we offer “whisper” and “barge” functionality. When a supervisor whispers in on a call they can direct the employee what to say without the other party hearing. With our barge functionality you can enter the call to support the representative on the call. Additionally, you can record all calls or have an employee record a call on demand if they are unsure of how to handle a particular situation.

Cooperative Communications, Inc is the first To Market with a Voice Continuity Plan (VCP) that ensures organization’s voice communication remain up and running regardless of what has transpired at HQ or a remote office. Even if it is the exception, organizations are inevitably faced with circuit failures or power outages that directly affect their business. With VC,P an originations voice communications will remain up and running regardless of its network or power source. While this is critical to most organizations, it is heightened in the financial sector – a moments delay can result in a significant financial impact with a direct correlation to customer satisfaction.