Voice Over IP

Vertical Solutions

The Cooperative Communications, Inc Unified Communications Platform (UCP) has been specifically designed to address the convergence of Voice, Data, and Internet Services to meet the needs of small, medium, and large businesses alike. The Cooperative Communications, Inc UCP provides a single reliable source for all business telephony requirements. Cooperative Communications, Inc relies on comprehensive integration of IP technology, end-to-end network connectivity, the latest innovations and technology for handset equipment, and professional support and service.


Some of the services we offer

Cooperative Communications, Inc provides every step of the process, from installation to ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that your company is connected at all times. Consider the Cooperative Communications, Inc team a telecommunications partner that will help your company grow.

The Cooperative Communications, Inc Unified Communications Platform (UCP) is a business-class solution that offers superior features, such as unified messaging, voice mail, conferencing, and find me/follow me in standard UCP design. The company also provides competitive and complete packages for voice and data delivery for small to medium sized businesses.

The Cooperative Communications, Inc UCP is a software driven solution that is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the Network Operations Center (NOC). Clients enjoy cost savings for their telecommunications needs, as well as a boost in overall employee productivity.

Clients choose from a variety of bundle packages that include phones, features, call processing, and usage for a low, sized monthly fee. You will no longer worry about your communications expenses and budgets, as monthly and annual cost will be known for many years in advance.

The Cooperative Communications, Inc team conducts a thorough analysis and survey of a client’s network and current service providers so that the system you choose will meet your current, as well as future, requirements. Turn-key, as well as on-site installation and support, are available so that your company can take advantage of all the features that advanced VoIP offers.

Cooperative Communications, Inc delivers exceptional service across a specially designed architecture platform using servers that provide rich and robust features and the highest level of reliability in the industry for our valued business clients.

Customers that combine the Cooperative Communications, Inc Unified Communications Platform (UCP) with onsite or private hosted server delivery, network service bundled solutions and our top-of-the-line customer support, enjoy a TOTAL telecom solution. It should also be noted that the Cooperative Communications, Inc UCP can be used across numerous sites with complete connectivity using a unified dial plan.

VOIXIS offers VoiP phones that will suit any application and business need. Whether you require phones for your executives, operators, warehouse staff, shift supervisors or anyone in between, VOIXIS has the solution that’s right for you. The superior design of the VOIXIS handset allows business owners flexibility with setup and system deployment. Traditional PBX limitations are a thing of the past with installed VOIXIS systems. Build a single setup or multilocation complex design with any VOIXIS install.

As the financial industry moves deeper into the 21st century, it’s more important than ever to remain in contact with clients and brokers, and have immediate access to the latest information, trends, and news. Cooperative Communications, Inc provides the best in voice and data connectivity for our valued clients within the financial services industry, because we understand that a fortune can be earned or lost within a matter of minutes.

Cooperative Communications, Inc realizes the importance of reliability and uptime to the financial sector. Not only does Cooperative Communications, Inc provide access their reliable network, but we also provide alternative options via our strategic partnerships. This allows clients to leverage buying power and reliability.

Sound advice and customer service is the foundation for success in the financial industry. To ensure that new employees are properly trained and providing superior service, we offer “whisper” and “barge” functionality. When a supervisor whispers in on a call they can direct the employee what to say without the other party hearing. With our barge functionality you can enter the call to support the representative on the call. Additionally, you can record all calls or have an employee record a call on demand if they are unsure of how to handle a particular situation.

Cooperative Communications, Inc is the first To Market with a Voice Continuity Plan (VCP) that ensures organization’s voice communication remain up and running regardless of what has transpired at HQ or a remote office. Even if it is the exception, organizations are inevitably faced with circuit failures or power outages that directly affect their business. With VCP an originations voice communications will remain up and running regardless of its network or power source. While this is critical to most organizations, it is heightened in the financial sector – a moments delay can result in a significant financial impact with a direct correlation to customer satisfaction.