Delivery Method

Cooperative Communications,Inc offers three separate delivery methods for our state-of-the-art communications services: On-Premise, Hosted, and Private Hosted. Each provides varying levels of control for our clients.

All delivery methods are safe and secure, relying on the latest technological security measures. Determine which method is right for your company, its growth, and what you require from your communications network.

When you want the Cooperative Communications, Inc System hosted on the premises of your company, you receive a VoIP solution that you maintain and control on-site. Choosing this delivery method will require a greater understanding about the features and functions of the system that you operate for your business.

With On-Premise VoIP solutions, the company would not require external services such as auto attendant or call forwarding, as these would be part of the system that the company purchases.

The client that chooses the On-Premise system will not be looking to the service provider, such as Cooperative Communications, Inc, for office features, as these will all be part of the equipment that is purchased.

With On-Premises VoIP, the company would need to invest in knowledgeable professionals to manage the system. In effect, the entire system would be managed and operated on-site.

On-Premise service should be reserved for companies that have the resources to manage their internal communications networks. Cooperative Communications, Inc will, of course, be available to assist during every step of your installation if you choose On-Premises delivery.

Most VoIP services are delivered to Cooperative Communications, Inc clients via the hosted method. Through the hosted delivery method, the service that you purchase is hosted at the Cooperative Communications, Inc location and shares hardware with other Cooperative Communications, Inc clients. All of the communications network, from data to voice, are controlled and supported through the Cooperative Communications, Inc direct network. With hosted service, you can rest assured that all of your telecommunications needs will be met in a professional, secure, and timely manner. What Companies Need with Hosted VoIP Service Basically the only thing that a company would require with regard to hosted VoIP are the handsets. Everything else is maintained off-site, at a Cooperative Communications, Inc location. Consider this system as having all of the ‘brains’ of the operation network at the hosted provider’s facility. With Hosted service, Cooperative Communications, Inc would assume all responsibility of providing the highest quality service to every device within the system, as well as features that the client (company) selects as part of their system. With this Hosted system, the company would not be required to have a knowledgeable staff member who would be responsible for maintaining the entire system; all of that would fall upon the responsibility of Cooperative Communications, Inc.

With the Cooperative Communications, Inc private hosted delivery method, your network will be hosted at the Cooperative Communications,  Inc facility, as with regular hosted, but your network will be stored and operated from hardware that is not shared.

With private hosted, the company gains all of the advantages of regular hosted service with added benefit of keeping their operations and telecommunications systems isolated from any other company within the network.

A Simple Comparative

Consider a hosted website. When a company pays a web hosting company to host their website, they have two choices: private or shared. The company can also choose to rely on a server located at their own site (on-premise hosted).

With a regular shared hosting, the website and files are stored on a server that is shared by other businesses. With private hosting, the company pays extra to have a server dedicated solely to their own website.

This is how private hosted VoIP service operates. When you choose private hosted, you have your service hosted at a Cooperative Communications, Inc site, but choose to have your system hosted on private hardware so that only your company utilizes that specific hardware (server).

Room for Future Growth

This is ideal for medium to larger businesses, or small businesses that plan on significant growth in the future. All of our delivery methods provide the best service and support for our clients

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    With Voice Continuity Plan, your voice communications remain uninterrupted regardless of what uncontrollable situation strikes an organization.

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