The Cooperative Communications, Inc System provides the most advanced, proven and cutting-edge telecommunications features in the industry. Calls can be answered by an automated attendant and routed by department to the proper extension. There is a selection of features that your customers or clients can choose from while waiting for the transfer, such as music or messages.

Cooperative Communications, Inc also offers the option to add custom features that can attract more clients and give your business more credibility. Each employee can have access to their own voicemail message system, providing more versatility and improving productivity.

With mobility options, anyone can utilize the features of Cooperative Communications, Inc from a remote office, home office, or while traveling.

The Cooperative Communications, Inc System utilizes enhanced IP tools that are ideal for small to medium sized businesses and has the ability to grow with your business as it expands to a large company. Remote features such as Find Me Follow Me Functionality allow employees to transparently access productivity-enhancing telephony services whether they are at home or on the road.

When your business grows, your telecommunications will grow with it, maintaining full functionality and 3 or 4 digit dialing between different locations when you branch out into more than one operations center or location.

Grants access to all administrative functions of the system with its unique login.

If a supervisor wishes to listen in on a call that is already in progress, he or she can do so without interruption. They can listen in with or without announcing their presence. This is a powerful tool that can provide valuable insight on customer service and interaction.

Acts a screening mechanism. Staff will always know who is calling before answering the call and know how to act accordingly.

For each incoming or outgoing call to your business, you can gather a great deal of information to help you maximize efficiency. Determine the length of each call, who makes which calls, the frequency of the calls to a particular number, the most commonly dialed numbers, and more. This is a great asset to businesses that want to minimize excessive calls, personal calls, and over-dialing prospects or clients. This reporting system is developed through the Cooperative Communications, Inc system.

Forward of any calls manual or automatically to a predefined location.

Calls can be forwarded to multiple extensions and ring simultaneously regardless where those employees are located.

“Park” allows you to stage a call for someone in another part of the build to pick up.

Inbound calls are placed in a call queue until they can be answered.

Ability to record calls, specific extensions or calls on demand with the ability to review and email calls for training purposes.

This feature allows any user to know who is calling by first prompting the inbound caller to record his or her name and presenting that recorded name to the owner of the extension.

Provide the ability to either alert the party that you are transferring a call prior to doing so or transfer without notification.

Alerts the user who is calling prior to picking up the call.

An option that allows you to block your caller ID from being displayed on outbound calls.

Conference calls can be established between internal or external callers with ease using the intuitive soft keys on the Cooperative Communications, Inc IP phones. Separate calls can easily be joined together or split at any time during an active call.

DID (Direct Inward Dial) numbers can be provided for each user of the Cooperative Communications, Inc service. This allows any user to receive inbound calls directly to their extension without the caller having to route through the central operator. This provides better call flow to your customers giving direct access to certain employees or departments.

Ability to send calls straight to voicemail if you know you will be unable to answer a call.

All phones are assigned a 3 or 4 digit extension number. Using that extension, any phone can extension dial any other phone on a company’s service regardless of its physical location.

This option allows incoming calls to be forwarded to remote phones or mobile phones so that when you’re out of the office, you can still answer important calls. These calls can be forwarded to multiple phones at once or to secondary phones based on a predefined ring pattern.

Provides a real time overview of all users on the system – are they on the phone or off the phone – at their phone or away from their phone.

Cooperative Communications, Inc offers flexible call routing, meaning that the auto attendant will direct callers to designated extensions based on the responses of the caller. Internal transfers are possible with Cooperative Communications, Inc, meaning calls can be transferred whether the other extension is in the same location or a remote extension or office.

Tag inbound caller ID to allow better call flow in routing. This is an excellent feaure for businesses that share a common system. Employees who answer calls will know what company it is for prior to picking up the phone.

The Cooperative Communications, Inc Multi-Level Auto Attendant feature ensures that all inbound calls are answered within a short period of time or a defined number of rings. This provides consistent and professional response to anyone who is contacting your company.

The auto attendant will greet callers with a pre-recorded message and hierarchy of options that are customized to your specific business. This auto attendant will also assist callers in finding the right person whom to contact.

When your business grows, the communication system that you’ve purchased will grow with you without annual fees or license fees that are commonly associated with other providers. The only thing you’ll have to purchase as your business expands are new handsets.

Ability to upload your custom music or marketing material for callers to hear while on hold.

Option to use any phone number within your account as your outbound caller ID.

Paging and intercom features allow an extension user to go off hook and broadcast a message through a telephone or speakerphone to up to 100 extensions at a time or to a select group of telephone extensions simultaneously. On the receiving end of the page or intercom message, the called phone auto answers in hands-free mode so the user does not have to pick up the handset or hit a button.

Employees can work from home or a remote location and via a Cooperative Communications, Inc phone or softphone, they can communicate with clients as though they were right there in the office. This is a great feature that can streamline communication and help businesses cut expenses and retain the best employees.

Allows remote works to leverage the full functionality of the system and customize caller ID as if they were in the office.

The innovative Speed Dial feature enhances productivity by delivering click-to-dial functionality across multiple applications. Unlike traditional click-to-dial features that work only with contact directories, Speed Dial works with diverse desktop applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as PDF files.

For all handsets connected to the system, Cooperative Communications, Inc provides the option for call recording. Your business can set this as a default so that all calls are recording for training purposes or it can set up on demand.

The single most important feature of any telephony system is sound quality. The service architecture that Cooperative Communications, Inc has built around its system provides for the highest quality sound to retain crystal clear calls and service at all times.

Most of our customers remark about the quality improvement of the Cooperative Communications, Inc System over their previous provider. That’s because we have years of experience managing voice traffic using the highest quality equipment, software, and network management systems.

Manage your voice, inbound fax, and email messages from your inbox in your Outlook client.

Ability for the end-users to configure and manage their personal setting for advanced routing and notification.

When an employee moves their office or is replaced, you can reroute calls to their extension using a simple, easy-to-use web interface. There is no need to call the vendor to make the change; the process from top to bottom is designed to be efficient and simple to maintain.

Voicemail for users on the system that may not have a designate phone but want to leverage the system for voicemail.

Cooperative Communications, Inc enhances productivity with personal voicemail and an optional electronic fax service. These two powerful services can be integrated with each employee’s email account to achieve unified messaging.

Any voicemail that comes through the system is delivered as a .WAV file to emails designated for each extension. You can also indicate that you’d prefer to receive a SMS text message to your phone when a voicemail message is received. Another great feature is that employees can access these voicemail WAV files from a smart device, such as smart phone or tablet without having to call in to check their voice messages.

Using the whisper option, supervisors can coach employees while they are involved in a call. This is a great way to offer on-the-job and on-the-call training, which can lead to improved customer service and satisfaction.